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What To Expect

How Will My Eyelash Extensions Be Done?

eyelash application

After the initial consultation to establish what shape and type of look you are after and any recommendations its time to relax and lay down on the massage bed.

The eyes and lashes need to be free of make-up, but I will also clean the lashes to make sure they are free of any protein or oil.  This is to ensure the lash extensions bond correctly to the host lash.

I will then place small white pads under each eye which are placed over the lower lashes to keep them out of the way.  Your eyes are then kept closed for the duration of the procedure.

Using tweezers I will use the pads as a work area by separating out the individual lash that is going to receive the extension. The extension lash is then placed on to the host lash with a specially formulated bonding agent.

The application takes approximately 1 ¼ to 2 hours and anywhere between 60 to 150 lashes on each eye depending on the size and shape of you eyes together with the look you want to achieve.

Once all of the lashes have been applied there is usually about a 5 minute wait for the bonding to dry and voila!  Beautiful new lashes!